Collaborate With Us

Power Transition was born out of the spirit of collaboration, a partnership between two innovative organisations, the social enterprise Carbon Free Group CIC and Guard Global software solutions. This joint venture brings together leading expertise in engineering, renewable technology, construction project management and Distributed Ledger Technology. 

Collaboration is in our DNA and we recognise that the world's biggest challenges will not be resolved through thinking in silos or action taken independently. The same is true for a business setting out to fulfil its purpose. Knowledge sharing and the culture to foster participation and realise innovative solutions is what’s needed. 

For this reason we are technology agnostic. So if your business has a great idea or you use the best hardware available to optimise Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) then we want to talk with you. By developing decentralised applications (dApps) that are embedded into your system, our platform can turbo charge what you are doing, add value and increase its capacity to be deployed at scale. Our ledger technology is the fastest, most secure and immutable way of integrating energy sector transactions in real-time, providing customised access to secure data for all participants in the energy system. So get in touch, share your idea and let’s collaborate.