Bruce Drive, Nottingham

Power Transition is working with the client to integrate iMaaS to enable the dynamic balancing of supply and demand from fluctuating renewable energy sources resulting in a more reliable service and considerable cost reductions for consumers while generating positive cashflow for the operators.

The introduction of the Power Transition iMaaS platform will allow real time energy trading to occur behind the meter across the site. Optimising the energy generated, stored and consumed on site, results in up to 20% energy savings and a significant reduction in energy cost to the end consumer.

This project will enable the flow of electricity at the site through the PT platform enabling local balancing and peer-to-peer trading. Through installing a private network across the site we seek to meet most of the site demand using electricity either generated or stored on site (i.e. minimising the need for grid power). PTL will enter into a contract with the Third Party Licensed Supplier providing green energy for back-up purposes.

Different tariffs (e.g. Time of Use) will encourage particular consumer behaviours – i.e. ensuring consumer demand follows on-site generation as closely as possible. The aim is to achieve, as a minimum a net zero micro-grid, and as the best a net generating microgrid with the Boundary Point Meter registering a surplus. Any surplus is traded in the Balancing Mechanism/ancillary services markets or in Flex Auctions/Exchanges.




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