Intrex Telematics

The integration and interoperability of Power Transition’s DLT Platform with INTREX Telematics Systems will facilitate the exchange of information and value as well as issuing commands with guaranteed certainly, trust and security.

Power Transition is embedding its DLT node processor into INTREX Telematics Systems to provide state-of-the-art Cyber security to all Telematics data exchanges. This provides a value exchange as well as a data/information exchange and the creation of secure digital asset value (crypto-wallet) within every unit to provide high performance real-time updates and immutable audit trails for all transactions.

INTREX Telematics and Power Transition will work to commercialise its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into the energy sector across South Africa and beyond, creating early opportunities through demonstration projects. A key issue faced by municipalities requiring active grid management is that, currently the network offers little or no real time monitoring and practically no visibility of real time data at site level (especially at the low voltage level), relying instead on 3rd parties for data access. Also, remote control options are limited. This is particularly of relevance where sites are located in areas of constraint hindering the ability to engage in effective active grid management. There is downward pressure for access to real-time data as result of industry initiatives seeking to achieve a more open and flexible network based on access to open data.




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