Why We Do It

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower a zero-carbon energy system, using our intelligent software architecture to give people control of their energy, cutting costs and carbon emissions for everyone.

National Grid infrastructure is unfit for future purpose, with power wasted as it travels large distances in one direction. Intermittent power sources such as wind and solar, the growth of electric vehicles and the transition from gas to electric heating is putting pressure on grid stability. The recent energy blackouts highlight the urgency of the problem.

Ageing and complex-to-manage infrastructure requires new ways of managing and optimising the grid network in order to respond to the climate emergency and meet UK Government zero carbon targets by 2050.

We have created a solution to respond to the climate emergency, reduce the cost of energy for users and provide savings for consumers who are taking the hit as the costs continue to rise.

Our Purpose

 To accelerate the transition to renewable energy
 To bring stability, security and fairness to the energy sector
 To drive down cost for consumers and eradicate fuel poverty
 To solve global challenges through the energy and cleantech sectors